Providence & Worcester Railroad

of the Past

By Jeff Rost

!!UPDATED!!-(5/18/07) (NOW there are 13 photos)

Welcome to my P&W of the past page!

From RS-3's to M420's This page will be about P&W's great past

All photos are copyrighted to respective photographer


Here is P&W steam engine #16 outside Woonsocket Station around 1890Steam Engine

Here is 5 Alco RS-3 diesel-electric locomotives arriving in Worcester for the P&W from the Delaware & Hudson Railroad.P&W RS-3's

Here is Engine 161 and caboose outside Worcester Enginehouse preparing for inaugural run, Feb. 3,1973#161 and caboose

Here is Engine #161 arriving in Woonsocket,RI for inaugural ceremonies, Feb. 3,1973P&W First Day

Here is the last of the 5 M420's #2005 next to Worcester Union Station in 1980M420pic

To improve ventilation during hot weather P&W crews ran M420's with nose door open as shown here in 1977M420pic2

RS-3 # 1601 works the Norwich & Worcester branch local in Putnam,Conn. 1976 RS-3pic

Here is M420 #2004 switching Valley Falls yard on a rainy March 1980 afternoon.M420valley

Here is the original M420R still hard at work in 1980, on the right is Amtrak's New york-Boston mainline.#2001

Here is Worcester-Providence local WX-1 at Blackstone,Mass.WX-1 local

On several occasions P&W has leased BAR power because of locomotive shortages, Here is leased BAR gp-38 #84 and P&W's own 2006 at Lonsdale,RI.Borrowed

Here is the P&W's first revenue freight train as it rolls north at Ashton,RI behind #161 and #1652RS-3's

Independence Day, Feb. 3,1973, P&W's initial motive power fleet is a group of 5 alco RS-3's from the D&H. here is #161 at the ribbon cutting in Woonsocket,RI#161

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